Food Day Tuesdays @ Bar Louie


Ok so if you don't know, Favorite Brande and I eat with great vigor!! For some reason, the words Food Day Tuesdays popped in my head. hmmmmmm why not talk about the yummy shit we experience from time to time. So today lets talk about Bar Louie... HOLLY FUCKING FAT MANIA BATMAN!!!!

While I can't say this is the absolute best foodie spot I've been to I must say everything we had was dee-damn-liscious!... kinda... I liked the fact that you had to go to the bottom of the online menu to even see the regular shit. S/N their food photographer is the absolute shit. IT WAS HARD AF TO EVEN CHOOSE A DISH BECAUSE EVERy DAMN PHOTO GAVE US A RAGING FAT ATTACK. sheesh!!!. So here are the items on the menu we ordered:


This was the star of the show. Fave ordered it and I only got one bite of the sandwich that had heaven juice dripping from the melted cheesy, buttery, bready, steaky, thingy. The steak was nice and tender. The different cheese went together like a throuple. I bit her sandwich and my eyes was as green as the grinches ass with envy and jealously. Damn you fave... that shit was dee damn liscious. I can still taste it in my after thoughts! I can see my stomach being porn star hungry for a damn sandwich and sliding in the Louie for a chunk of steak and cheese concoction soon. 


So the name alone made me feel like this was going to be some cajun dish mainly because of stereo typical bullshit but... I love cajun food soooooooooo fuck that I'm eating!!!! They have their or secret sauce and sausage and shrimp. OK..OK reminds me of gumbo ingredients (seafood and sausage) but def not gumbo. As I bit in to the first fork full I though "this is good but it needs some more sauce. Fave took a chomp at it and agree and then boom she saved the day. Shit give my dish the ziggidyboom!!! Her sandwich came with a side of cheese sauce. She suggested that I spike my plate with the cheese sauce and booooyyyaaaaaaaahhhh it set that muthafucka awwwwwwfffffffff!!!! I can't give the chef all the credit because our invention made good great. How ever I will definitely order the voodoo pasta with a side bitch of cheese sauce

Our Drinks were:


They were both very tasty drinks but, if you're trying to get some extended bang time by way
of alcohol, You 'd probably have a
limp biscuit on Lake Flaccid. They were drinks for light weights but hey, what can you expect from a colorful drink. 

The service was good with the exception of the booth and gnats. The waitress cleaned it off and left it extremely wet and the seating in the booth wasn't clean. It was blonde har in the bench that was hard to pull out. I understand busy but attention to detail is the shit. No one wants to sit in Susans hair. How the hell do you explain blonde hair on your ass to the boot thang???

Overall we give the Louie  4 plates mainly because of that fucking sandwich. Trust me it'll make you nips brick af!!!



My vote is go see for yourself,
Dean Beanz 

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