We realized that some jobs / task require a great deal of thinking power.  When you’re creating / concentrating, sometimes words can jumble your thought process.  In the EVRY office, you can hear a cold play instrumental album playing leaving room in the air to add creativity or just to not get distracted.  We decided to summon some of our favorite and most creative producers from across the world to put together a playlist that will get you going and through your day at work… well at least for an hour. Don’t worry these tracks are what we like to call “real production”.  You wont hear 3 minutes of the same loop.  There are links on every instrumental that will take you where the producer wants you to go to follow them or purchase the music. Our advice is to click all of them. These guys are great. Well… ENJOY your work day and chill all the way through. There may be additions to this play list so stay tuned.

“The Dean”

NOTE: Mobile device users MUST keep their phones in awake mode for continuos play.