EVRY Music Top 10: The Dean’s List

Welcome to the evolution of Mixtapes. well lets be honest, they died. 50 revolutionized the mixtape and reached heights that to this day artist has not been able  to match. The end of the world type tidal wave of mixtapes and artist asking people to click mysterious links to download their music has left a permanent nasty bullshit taste in the world mouths. The very second the word Mixtape is uttered an artist in through in the mental category of junk mail / spam.  Mixtapes has only leg left.  Famous people or one who’s on the rise of of a single or viral antics are the only ones who gets shine time with mixtapes. Lets be honest here the Mixtape is the album that is afraid to say it.  the notion is if its called a mix tape, it’s not as much effort put in to it so people can have something to look forward to or to just to get the know the artist.  Writing that statement feels as stupid as it sounds.  Who puts out a mediocre album as a way to sell a another mediocre album.  Free music was a treat like Chicken McNuggets in the 80’s.  Now “mixtapes” composed entirely of one unknown artist trying to get on is now the double quarter pounder with cheese that no one wants.


Some where in these 2000’s, the web influencer was born and now they’ve become the DJ’s of every genre of everything. A fat guy that can sing and crack jokes can make a pie sell out while the guy that gets overly excited at a part can make a song go gold.  The major streaming services did what they always do and ask celebrities to make playlist. We know that there is a more than large number of people that could give less than a cockroach fuck about what a celebrity likes to listen to.  After trying the post and entire album thing tangs we got the light bulb needed to make the fucking room (upstairs) clear.  “Playlist” is the wave but, it has to be from an opinion that the public trust.  Can’t count on the magazines to be honest so we decided to let the Dean aka CoolBeanz aka “DARTH HATER” tell us 10 art that he pay attention to and make a playlist of 10 artist he feel should get some light.  This playlist will be random so no… it wont be 10 shitty mumble rappers.  From there you guys can follow these artist and then listen to the rest of their catalog if you like them.  No set date for the playlist yet but we’re sure its coming soon because well… we nee d the content!!! Until then, enjoy #WorkNCHill.

The Dean
Yes I wrote it in 3rd person…so what!!!