No Means GO!!!
Since 2003, GMA Award (Taiwan’s equivalence to the Grammys / DMA award nominee, Dean Beanz (formerly known as CoolBeanz) has been as major component to the engine that propels the Detroit music scene. From production, to performances, to mentoring, Beanz has been the crowned wishfully by supporters as “The Sound of Detroit”.

Achieves means include helping artist get past the hump called “local” and get to new heights, Producing and collaborating with acts from many parts of the world. Under his belt is several releases from American me: The Wild Adventures of CoolBeanz (USA), CyberPimp (USA) Inspiration (USA), Flyy Away (Japan), Poe Poe (United Kingdom), One Boring Saturday Night (album recorded in one day). In 2012, he took independence a step further and funded his own European tour was able to push his brand further into untapped grounds landing him a spot on Germany’s largest Hip Hop show, Rap A Mittwoch and joined forces with BBE producer Kid Sublime (Amsterdam) to form super group “Elifnt Soep”. In 2015, Dean established EVRY Music, a company dedicated towards exuding the financial, social, and corporate power of the independent arts, thus far releasing Artist like Ideeyah & Pierre Anthony. In 2018, he was mentioned as one of the “Screws that hold the Detroit License plate on” in the “D-Cyphered” Art Exhibit photo album published but the Detroit Institute of Art. Production and performance credits include: Yuk Mouth (production) Shady Records D12 (production), Janelle Monae (performance) Too Short (performance), Mad Lion (performance), Tech 9yne (performance) and a host or others artist and festivals.

Still actively giving back to the community by way of workshops, mentoring, speaking events, charity performances, and being instrumental in the music community’s internal social relations. Presently Dean Beanz has released music in Taiwan and is currently building his next tour targeting Asia.“The best thing anyone can tell me is what I can’t do… no sounds way too much like go to me when it comes to my goals.” The long awaited album “Album Art” is due to be released this summer.