10 Really Bad Male Romper Situations

We here at EVRY believe that people should be able to wear what they want.  If you want to wear a cape every day well… get your damn superman on. If you jump off a building… ummmmm… thats just stupid.  The recent trend is male rompers and we’ve come up with some super possible logical situations that would make male romping a bit difficult:

Random Boners: That moment when you have a random sex thought. The romper will not hide the stiffy-iffy. You may want to aim your frank at your pocket or you might play penis peek boo out the bottom of your male onezy thingy.

The Urinal: Well if you have this outfit on, you’ll HAVE to get naked just to pee. This is something women go through that us men have zero clue about… well until now.  Imagine you’re ar the urinal and a guy walks up beside you and proceeds to get naked. I see world star having a urinal romper section to the fight videos.

Pistol Toting: you can’t tuck the ole Coolio-Toolio in the rump rump homies. I guess you can get a glock sized fannie pack for the roscoe.  You may have to figure our new and improved ways to thug it out

Mistaken identity: You might drop something, ben dover to get it, and get cat called by a drunk perv. Maybe even get the patented walk by brisk and the ass move. After that, you’ll prolly treat women better …you asshole.

Gateway Garment: You might find the romper to be free feeling comfortable and will eventually graduate to sundresses. Next thing you know you’ll be impersonating Marilyn Monroe over a windy drain.  No… Just… no.

No discretion: You know those times when you have to adjust your wang and grab your junk to move it to the perfect position of comfort. Welp you’re gonna look like perv of the year with out the shirt hanging to conceal the deal. Sex offenders list my rise like…. well ya know. lol

Spousal Tension: Women hate when other women have the same outfit as them on. What happens when the hubby puts on the same romp on by coincidence? She’s gonna call you a bitch and pull your hair. You have no clue how to handle yourself in a cat fight… they are NOT fair!!!!

Random Topping: Those moments when you and your lady are frisky in public and she wants to just pull it out and do what she feels… well you now have to get naked. Good luck trying to drive and well… ehhhhhhhhh just forget it?

Guy Thigh: Dudes are going to realize that women like guy thigh. What’s wrong with that you ask? Well…what makes legs look even better? HEELS!!!  Do we want this evolution? Lol Who really wants to see hairy guy thigh in heels? Don’t all jump at once.

Car Balls: You know those times when it’s hot outside and you’re driving. Your sack hangs lower and some times fall between your thighs. The romp romps coochie cutter height may expose your hairy Larrys.

lol… At the end of the day its a free world. Wear what you want and be happy in your own skin… ummmmm… or romper. lmao… At the same time you express your right to romp, we express our right to crack jokes.  Make sure you got some thick skin under that romp-pa-pomp-pomp. Enjoy life!!!

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